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Deposit Native Cryptocurrencies and Tokens (ERC-20) into our Pools and Generate Passive Cryptocurrency Revenue. Currently Danki Finance is a unique Brazilian Web3 platform with selected contracts and security. And expanding internationally!

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🔥 Deposit BUSD (BSC dollar) and Earn BUSD (BSC dollar)

Contrat Address: 0x015ecEec83097891CF74d800405f16ddacDdACA2

Your current balance 0BUSD | Maximum you can deposit: ~0BUSD

Amount Deposited


Earns (Update in real time)



🔥 236.87% (maximum APY, earn NOW!)

Total Value in our Contract:

~ $192.000 Quanto maior o valor total depositado no contrato maior a APY. Ajustada de forma proporcional.


2% The amount you deposit will be charged a 2% fee on the amount deposited. By clicking on Deposit, make sure you have the balance you want to apply to the pool + 2%. Example: 10BUSD will be charged + 0.2BUSD.

Last APY Update:

12/14/2022 Latest automatic update of our contract based on current liquidity.

⭐ After withdrawal all your winnings along with your total deposit (BUSD) will automatically go to your wallet!